Mobile App Development

The game Candy Crush started as an idea – and now grosses around $850,000 a day… Have you ever had an idea for an app? Imagine if you could control the speakers, microphone, GPS, accelerometer, and all other capabilities of your mobile device (including ones you did not know even existed) in any way you could imagine — we could make that happen for you! In 2012, apps were a 9 billion dollar market — in 2017 the market is projected to grow to 77 billion dollars! Following the trends and staying with the times — your idea could potentially take its share of that profit with our capabilities and knowledge.

Different types of apps include:
• Games
• Productivity
• Remote Control
• Health
• Utilities
• And More!

Reasons To Get Your Own Mobile App Developed:
• Smartphones and tablets have surpassed the number of PCs.
• The average time spent on Mobile Apps is 64%.
• On an Average, people check their mobile phone every 6 minutes.
• People use mobile Apps 6 times more than the websites.
• 79% smart-phones users use their mobile to make purchasing decisions.
• 50% users make purchase on Mobile within 1 hour as compared to 1 month on Desktops.
• 73% of Business Owners use Mobile Apps daily.
• Business owners also use Mobile Apps for Customer Engagement.