We can design any script for you of any size or difficulty in just about any language you can think of. Adding scripts to your site can do many of things for you adding flare and usability to your website. Not to mention the ability to impress your customers and visitors. The more impressed and enthralled a visitor is, the longer they will stay and the more likely they are to come back time and time again. Which simply means more added to your bottom line. We can design new scripts, or simply install existing ones that you intend to use with the availability of complete customization to your needs.
Some great ideas for scripts are:
Animated navigation menus
Animated links
Custom Maps
Popup boxes
Animated tabs
Media players
Animated banners or scrollers
Custom RSS
Graphs and charts
Redirection scripts
Search scripts
Email scripts
And so many more possibilities…
We are not limited to Web scripting, we also can develop Software for PC’s, Mobile devices, and even custom micro controller development. We have experience in all those areas. Some of the languages we are experienced in are: Perl, PHP, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, VBScript, VBA, ASP, XML, ActiveX, Ajax, C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Quick Basic, .NET, ActionScript, Assembly Language, MASM, Batch, SQL, and many more…