Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Get to the top of Google through Search Engine Marketing

I am sure everyone has heard that it is not possible to guarantee being shown on the first page of Google. That is absolutely TRUE when you are talking about search engine optimization. However it is most definitely possible with search engine marketing.

Search engine marketing is a little more commonly known as PPC or pay-per-click advertising. This means that when we create your ads and put them on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc… they will be displayed in the advertising spots that the search engines have provided. Then, once someone has seen your ad and clicked on it, you will be charged the price for that particular ad, hence: pay-per-click. You pay per every time someone clicks on your ad.

Search engine marketing/PPC ads are based around an auction type of system. Businesses can choose how much they are willing to pay per click for each and every keyword chosen. Note that keywords are not actual individual words, but in reality a group of words. It would be much more appropriate to call it keyphrases instead. So, for example if you owned a flower shop and decided to target “bouquet of flowers” and your profit margin for a bouquet of flowers were $2.00, then you can rest assured that no other competitor of yours would be bidding more than that for that particular keyphrase unless they increase the cost of the flowers to compensate.

To be shown at the very top is simply finding out what your competitors are paying per click and bid more than that. This is the simplest way to explain it, however in realty there are many other things the search engines take into consideration like relevancy and quality of the ad to name a few.

Search engine marketing would be easier to manage if you simply targeted the simple word “flowers” and did a broad match. It would most undoubtedly would have a higher cost since businesses selling “pallets of flowers” would bid much higher than many other keywords. However to be shown above your competitors for all variations including other words in their search phrase would mean you would end up paying far too much for much less expensive keyphrases. Therefore it is crucial to monitor keywords at their most precise level.

As I am sure you realize by now that search engine marketing is going to take some serious man hours, not to mention we are only speaking about Google. When you throw other search engines into the mix, the number of man hours jumps again. It would be very wise to have us at All Web n Mobile handle this for you. We have extensive knowledge in search engine marketing and can accomplish these and many other tasks not mentioned in far less time while making sure that you are getting the best value from your online marketing. Give us a call (352) 556-3926 and let us get you on the road to success.